The Jack Nicholson Party is a punk rock band based out of northwestern Indiana. Singer Ben Montgomery, guitarist Travis Wittmann and bassist Ashley Wittmann chose the name and concept for the band at a local Taco Bell, where dreams typically come true. JNP believes in the power of simple ingredients: guitar, bass and drums turned up to 11, with no frills. Simple, powerful rock music.
Young legends in tribute to another legend, the lyrics of JNP are inspired by the brilliant filmography of Jack Nicholson, one of our favorite actors. Most tracks concern the plots of one or several of his films, while others create original stories based on the caricature of Jack Nicholson as portrayed by tabloids and Hollywood urban legends (i.e. a crazy Republican Lothario). A lot of love was involved in finding various references from his life and films to inform the lyrics. All of the stories are completely fictional and no malice is intended toward Jack or his brilliant work, who would never do any of the wild things that we sing about. If anything, I hope our music inspires listeners to go out and better themselves by discovering some classic films.
In order to duck infringement suits and provide fans with great rock music in this time of recession, The Jack Nicholson Party never has nor ever will accept a dime for their work. Every note played is free to the people, so enjoy. If we never hit it big, it’s all for the best. But I hope everyone that hears our music starts a band of their own, Jack Nicholson included. Maybe we can open for him someday.
Travis Wittmann, guitarist